Happy Re-New Year! (Just Paint It!)

Are you noticing some items around the house that need a refresh button? One of the best qualities about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, is that you can give an instant face-lift to old, tired furniture. There’s no need to go out and spend thousands on a new bedroom suite or entertainment unit.  You don’t need to tear out and replace your kitchen cabinets. Quite often, old furnishings were constructed much more soundly than new pieces are today. I’ve heard customers exclaim, “Oh I just gave away my old bedroom suite! I could have just painted it!” And really, it’s that simple, Just Paint It!

Nine times out of 10 the only prep work you need is to give your piece a thorough cleaning. (We like to use Krud Kutter because it’s non-toxic and bio-degradable.) Just clean and rinse and start painting!  Of course, having the correct tools makes all the difference in your project. The answer is the Annie Sloan rounded paint brush. The brush was made for the paint like peanut butter and jelly! Why fight your piece with a regular, flat brush when you can apply a coat in no time with Annie’s round brush?

It’s always wise to start with a nice, even layer of paint. When doing a table or chair, turn it upside down and begin with the legs.  No matter what you are painting, it’s best to leave the top surface or front of the piece for last because that is what you’ll see the most.  After a complete coat, let it dry completely.  The second or third coats of paint can be diluted with a little bit of water.  This allows the coats to spread evenly and lie down flat and…bonus…it stretches your paint out so you need less! Most of the time two coats are enough but with whites and reds, three coats will do the trick.

Depending on the finish you require, you can go straight into waxing or use other painting techniques such as color washing or layering.  If you have time, it’s better to let the piece dry overnight before waxing in order to let the paint begin to to cure. With Chalk Paint it really takes very little time to create a fresh, new look in your home…just in time for Spring!

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Kathy Burnett